Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To follow...

I see this several times a day.  Several times a day I see a car following a huge semi on the Interstate Highway.  The car paces the speed of the big rig.  Never slower.  Never faster.  Almost like a pilot fish following a shark to eat the leavings of the attack.  But this car is not a pilot fish.  This car is a regular car with someone inside.  Following the semi.  Sometimes I wonder if it is the wife of the driver or the lover of the driver.  Could be a man or a woman.  Same sex?  Opposite sex.  I sometimes make up stories about unrequited love.  A woman who fell in love with a gypsy truck driver.  A vagabond who will never stop driving.  Never put down roots.  A modern day nomad.  Or a wife simply checking up on her husband.  The cheat.  The cad. The cuckold.  Shame on him.  Or maybe it is a wife who is driving the car so they will have a smaller vehicle at their destination.  Much like the people with the very large RV Motor Homes with a car hanging off the back.  You can't hang a car off the back of a semi.  And you also can't roller skate in a buffalo herd.

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