Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To move...

This almost brings a tear to my eyes.  My heart breaks a little every time I pass a U Haul loaded with all of some family's possessions.  Moving again.  New place.  New job.  New schools. New friends.  Early in the morning with mom or dad at the wheel looking so very sad.  So very tired.  So very depressed.  Maybe this time it will work.  Maybe this time will be the last time.  I don't think I can take another move. Another place.  Another dream that didn't quite work out.  The mattress is strapped to the top or sometimes to the back.  A memory of better times. Of other beds  and of other houses.  Of sleeping in on Sunday morning or of making love on Saturday night. I wrote about this a few years ago but I had read a report that the U Haul trucks and trailers rented in Denver were headed to Grand Junction on the west slope for the most part.  And, in the reverse,  the trucks and trailers rented in Grand Junction were headed to Denver for the most part.  Chasing a dream.  I worked and lived in Parachute, Colorado during the Oil Shale boom.  I worked and lived in Gillette, Wyoming during the oil and coal boom.  Many of the people from Parachute showed up in Gillette.  Some had come via west Texas in Midland during that boom.  Last night on the news they were talking about Williston, North Dakota and how there were too many jobs and not enough workers.  I am sure I could head up there and see some familiar faces.  Searching for the dream.  Looking for the right job.  Looking for the right place to settle down and live the rest of your life.  You can see the same hopes and dreams if you look closely at the driver of the U Haul truck next time you pass one.

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